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The Best Offense Is A Strong Defense
The Minuteman Web Filtering Service is designed for employees needing access to Internet content and files; yet restricted from associating with inappropriate sites; securely providing the organizational protection needed for Business/Government.

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The Minuteman Filter (Blocks)
  • Pornography: Material intended to be sexually arousing or erotic
  • Sex/Alternative Lifestyle: Images or descriptions of sexual activity, sexual merchandise
  • Nudity: Nakedness, including Naturism
  • Swimsuits/Lingerie: Models wearing swimsuits, lingerie, underwear, or other highly revealing attire.
  • Gambling:Gambling services, Gambling information
  • Criminal/Illegal Activities: Information on promoting/committing crimes or illegal procedures
  • Tasteless/Gross: Body functions or modification, Graphic medical photos, Tasteless humor
  • Chat/Instant Messaging: Chatting, Message posting, Voice transmission and such activities
  • Personals/Dating: Personal advertisements, applications that post socializing information
  • Social Networks: Online communities (Groups) of people like My Space and Facebook (See Customization)

Search Sentry provides flexible customization of settings, by allowing or blocking web sites according to individual needs, but only through designated administrative authorization.  For more detail see (FAQ: How to request a site “Unblocked” or “Blocked”)
Only the designated administrator has the ability to authorize the customization of the filters sensitivity for each employee.