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Q. What is Search Sentry?

Search Sentry is an Internet Search Filter that effectively filters out (Blocks) inappropriate and undesirable materials and information that is freely available on your computer, or other computers in your Home, Office, Library or School.

Q. What makes Search Sentry different from all the other Internet Filters available today?

It is different because it is totally independent of the user's control. It cannot be bypassed, compromised, altered or uninstalled by the user; only the designated administrator has authorization to Install/Uninstall or customize the filter. It is fully customizable and can be tailored to Individual, Company, Library or School needs.

Q. Is Search Sentry compatible with my operating system and Browser?

Search Sentry is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional and will work with all popular Browsers.

Q. Is the filter installed on my connection?

No, the filter is installed on the PC not the connection. Therefore the filter will work with any connection. (Dialup, dsl, cable, wifi cards and via a tethered connection with a cell phone with internet access).

Q. Can the filter be turned off and on with a password?

No, the filter can only be disabled by contacting technical support.

Q. Will this slow down my computer?

You should not see any noticeable difference in speed, if you do this is usually caused by a conflict with your antivirus which can be easily corrected by contacting tech support.

Q. Can I still access social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. with the filter installed?

Yes, if you choose these sites they can be allowed.

Q. What if the filter blocks a site that I need to access?

We have a quick and easy unblocking procedure to allow sites to be unblocked or blocked. (See How to Unblock or Block a Web Site.) (Of course we would never unblock an adult type site knowingly.)

Q. Is there an accountability feature with the filter?

Yes, there is the ability to view the activity of the computer in real time; you can also have an email sent to an accountability partner weekly to oversee your activity.

Q. Can we choose not to have any of our activities viewed because of personal or business reasons?

Yes, there is the ability to have the activities of any computer or computers you designate to have this feature disabled, but only by the authorized administrator.

Q. When the browsing history is deleted, or the search mode in the browser is turned to Private browsing, will the reports show the activity?

Yes the information is stored on our servers for two weeks and this cannot be deleted.

Q. My kids are computer savvy is there a way to bypass the filter?

Without the uninstall password this would be very difficult- if not impossible, short of reformatting your hard drive.

Q. Can I be assured once I install the filter, that no inappropriate content will be allowed?

As you are aware the internet is an ever changing environment, daily there are thousands of new websites added and a vast majority of then will have inappropriate content. We are constantly updating our filter to block these types of sites. While we make every effort to block these sites there is the chance you might come across an inappropriate site. If this should occur, PLEASE let us know immediately and we will take care of it.

Q. I know nothing about computers, is this difficult to install?

No, we have a very simple signup procedure and the whole process should take less than five minutes.

Q. If I unblock "You Tube" will this allow all videos from "You Tube"?

No, if "You Tube" categorized a video as "having adult content" the filter will block that video.

Q. How to request a site Unblocked?

If the Blocked page appears stating that "Search Sentry cannot access this page" and you need access to the site, "Click" on More Information. The drop down Information panel will appear. Simply follow the instructions to request the site to be unblocked. The request must then be authorized by the Designated Administrator prior to being unblocked by the Search Sentry Technical staff. (Please note: The Administrator can unblock some pre-designated sites without technical assistance.)

Q. How to request a site Blocked?

If you encounter an Inappropriate Web site that you wish to have blocked, simply "Click" on the Search Sentry Icon in your Start Bar and choose "Block this Web Site"; a window will appear; simply follow the direction to request the site be Blocked. Once you "Click" on "Block this Web Site" the site will no longer be accessible from that computer. The request will be sent to the Designated Administrator; notifying them of an Inappropriate Web Site Block request. If the site is not Pornography, the Administrator will have the prerogative to Block or not Block the site on any of the other computers associated with that account.

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