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What is an affiliate program?

Simply stated, you would be affiliating yourself with our company. You would then promote our products and get paid if you make any sales.

Why should I do it?

A better question here is why not. There are no strings attached, no cost to you, and limitless earning potential. For a simple short email message or facebook post you can earn money. Itís that simple


How do I register?

Simply sign up for an account with us and activate your affiliate link. Simple as that. Here is the page to sign up. Sign Up Now!

What makes your company any better than other affiliate programs?

We have a different type of affiliate pay out than most of your "normal" affiliate programs. You don't have to keep selling to make money each month. Because we give you a $1/per month for every account that signs up under your affiliate, you make money for as long as we keep your customer.

How much money can I make?

If you can send out emails, post facebook links, use forums and social outlets, and have a website to put graphics and links on the potential is limitless. Most people that are interested in this program know how to contact a few hundred people right away.

Once you have your links and graphics in place, the internet will do the work for you.

And remember, if all it took was one facebook post that cost you 5 minutes to write, you technically are paid while your computer works, not you.